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2016 - 11 . 18

2017 Blackpool Dance Festival · China Syllabus

日期: 2016-11-18
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2017 Blackpool Dance Festival · China Syllabus


Entry Information

Entry deadline: Beijing Time 19:00 June 2nd 2017. No late entries will be accepted. This will be strictly adhered to.


Entry Methods

1. Individual entry

Fill out the information and pay the entry fee in the entry system of the organizer, for more information please follow our official website or


2. Group entry

1) Download the group entry form and fill out the information, then send the form together with the ID copy (which is same ID as filled in the entry form) to, no other ways including other email addresses, Wechat, telephone, etc. will be accepted.

2) Organizer will send a payment notification email to the group within five working days.

3) Payment should be done within three working days or the entry will be invalid. Please ensure that the name of the group must be written in the remittance remark, or the entry be deemed to be invalid.

4) Send the remittance bill (with institution name) together with the entry form to after remitting.

5) A group entry confirmation email will be sent to the group within three working days once the remittance has been received.


3. Note

1) Please write "xxx dance institution name + Blackpool Dance Festival (China) 2017 Entry" for the entry subject line.

2) Remittance Information (For group only):

ACCOUNT NAME: Shanghai Yisai Culture Communication Co., Ltd.


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 121918398010902


3) Please fill out the group entry form as required by the organizer, or your form will be returned for refill.

4) ATTENTION: The dates of Pro-am events are changed. Please download and read 'Syllabus of 2017 Blackpool Dance Festival (China) v6.0' to get more information.

5) Competitors can get a ticket of his (her) competition date to enter the venue for free.

6) Please visit this website for ticket booking:



4. Relevant Documents

2017 Blackpool Dance Festival · China Syllabus2017Blackpool Dance Festival Online Entry Instructions.pdf

2017 Blackpool Dance Festival · China Syllabus2017BlackpoolDanceFestivalChinaPrize&Trophy v3.pdf

2017 Blackpool Dance Festival · China SyllabusSyllabus of 2017 Blackpool Dance Festival (China)v6.0.pdf

2017 Blackpool Dance Festival · China SyllabusTransportation_Hotels_Restaurants Near Baoshan Sports Center V2.0.pdf

2017 Blackpool Dance Festival · China SyllabusAnnouncement on Competition Exemption in Blackpool Dance Festival.v2.0.pdf

2017 Blackpool Dance Festival · China SyllabusRelease Form.pdf

2017 Blackpool Dance Festival · China SyllabusGroup Entry V4.0.xlsx

2017 Blackpool Dance Festival · China SyllabusREQUEST FOR VISA INVITATION BLACKPOOL DANCE FESTIVAL CHINA 2017.docx


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