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2017 - 09 . 15


日期: 2017-09-15
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Michael Williams


Good morning ladies and gentleman -  I am delighted, once again to be back in Shanghai for the Blackpool Dance Festival, China.


Following the successful launch last year we are now here in the impressive Baoshan Arena where we have seen some amazing dancing with more still to come.


 At the Winter Gardens in Blackpool. Where I am sure that many of you will have already visited, we promote many different kinds of events in addition to world famous Ballroom Dancing.


 I would like to show you a quick video featuring some of the shows and events that we will have this year:    RUN VIDEO


 The Blackpool Dance Festival is proud to present a new concept in the Examination of both Amateur and Professional Dancers – a concept that we are launching here today.



The examination system will offer the opportunity for Amateur Medalists, giving a structured system at which to continue to improve their skills and technique, whilst getting recognition on their journey.  



The examination system will feature special Blackpool Dance EducationalFederation named Examinations, whilst still providing the structure from the youngest dancer of under 6 right up to the Blackpool Award Level.



The Professional examinations offer a path to excellence, starting at the basic level of teaching right up to the top Professional offering in due course the opportunity to become a Blackpool Dance Festival Federation Examiner.  



The Professional qualification will be over four levels and will offer several unique features. Teaching is a major part of any exam, but the Blackpool DanceEducational Federation will require the candidate to teach real people during the exam, both solo dancers and a couple. The candidate will also be required to demonstrate both as a solo dancer and with a partner.



Another feature of the Professional Examinations includes the basic knowledge of how to judge and how to mark a judge’s pad. Being an adjudicator at any Dance Event is a great honor but also comes with many pressures. We hope our system will give future adjudicators the confidence to judge at many of the top competitions around the world



As more members join this exciting organization, new events for those that are part of the federation will be offered, with competitions held at many locations, leading to a new federation festival in the Empress Ballroom, Blackpool.



This is a great opportunity to be part of this famous dance brand - The Blackpool Dance Educational Federation



Thank you


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