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2017 - 03 . 20

Blackpool Dance Festival will be launched in Baoshan in August

日期: 2017-03-20
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 Blackpool Dance Festival will be launched in Baoshan in August

Olympic of Ballroom Dance roots in China


Blackpool Dance Festival (BDF), originating in Blackpool City, UK, has witnessed nearly a hundred years of development, and now becomes world-renowned, and is regarded as "the Olympic Games of Ballroom Dancing." Last year, Blackpool Dance Festival left the United Kingdom for the first time, and came to the far-east Shanghai, China, attracting a total of 20,000 competitors and visitors around the world to go on a pilgrimage. It received the praise from the public and industry support as well. Today on March 15th, 2017 Blackpool Dance Festival (China) (BDFC) press conference and global launch ceremony were held in Shanghai, the organizers officially announced that the second Blackpool Dance Festival (China) will be launched in Baoshan Arena (Sports Center) from August 17th to 22nd this year.

Blackpool Dance Festival will be launched in Baoshan in August


From Blackpool, UK to Shanghai, China

A fusion of East and West


Last summer, BDF with nearly a hundred years of history came to China, the top brand of ballroom dancing successfully settled in Shanghai and it has become another milestone in China’s and world’s history of (ballroom dancing) dance sports. The first BDFC was an authentic world-class event, not only attracting more than 5,000 competitors participating including BDF champions, but introducing the BDF original configuration from the adjudicator panel, scoring system to live orchestra performance of the Empress orchestra with high price, which won a high praise from both viewers and competitors, realizing their “Blackpool Dream”.


Following the success of the first event, the BDFC will be held in Shanghai Baoshan Arena in August this year. Why BDF chose Shanghai as the city to organize its sister competition? This can trace back to the cooperation between Shanghai YiSai Culture Communication and Blackpool UK years ago when YiSai and ISA produced Illuminasia in Blackpool, UK, bringing in the traditional Chinese culture into the UK. Illuminasia has received universal praise and acclaim. The mutual trust and friendship have been formed. Both become partners soon after Blackpool Government expressed its hope to promote the brand internationally. Therefore, YiSai Culture Communication becomes the sole partner of Blackpool Dance Festival in China.


The British officials from afar said that Shanghai, has been a city leading the trend of western culture from modern times in China. Ballroom dancing becomes popular as early as the beginning of the last century in Shanghai, and it has a profound dance culture. Indeed, when you talk about the dance in old times, it reminds people of Shanghai the Paramount, the representative of the ballroom. It is the typical representative of the Shanghai culture as well as Shanghai lifestyle and spiritual feelings of the miniature, showing the romanticism in Shanghai.


This year, Blackpool Dance Festival will be launched in Baoshan District, Shanghai, directed by Shanghai Sports Bureau and Shanghai Baoshan District Government. Baoshan has been known for its heavy industry. It now strives to improve its cultural brands, display platform, and the cultural industry service system. It aims to become a more innovated city. In recent years, Baoshan District has built a large number of new cultural venues and cultural carrier projects. The financial investment in the cultural construction in Baoshan is the most among all. The determination of Baoshan District to promote the cultural industry coincides with Blackpool Dance Festival’s idea. The both sides will strive to play a leading role in cultural activity and cultural consumption. Both will fulfill the dream of Baoshan people to be able to watch a world-class dance event at home.

Blackpool Dance Festival will be launched in Baoshan in August


From the 14th century to now at the moment,

the top ballroom dance event lives up to its reputation.


To know why Blackpool Dance Festival wins all the dance lovers’ hearts around the world, you have to first understand the development process of ballroom dancing. At the end of the 14th century, the European court artists refined and standardized the folk dance, forming the court dance for entertainment and social activities. The predecessor of the modern ballroom dance was quite popular among the aristocratic community. George IV, Queen Elizabeth I and French King Louis XIV are all loyal fans of it.


In the 19th century, along with the development of Western industrialization and the rise of working class, the dance resurrected. With the continuous evolution of the form of dance, people began to standardize and regularize the dance. It gradually formed today's ballroom dance. Dances like Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot and Quickstep were formed and soon be spread to the world. Learning ballroom dance became a way to cultivate children’s comprehensive quality. To dance a standard ballroom dance routine became a must for kids from most western countries when they turn 18. It even became a popular social event for the elderly. They viewed it as a good way to exercise. Blackpool Dance Festival came into being when people eagerly long for a grand dance event. The first Blackpool Dance Festival was held in Empress Ballroom, Winter Garden, Blackpool city in 1920. This is the historical background shows that Blackpool Dance Festival is recognized as the origin of ballroom dancing.


In 1950, as the first and foremost dance event in the world, Blackpool Dance Festival has risen to fame. It has always been at the top of the pyramid of the ballroom dance (sports dance). To be able to dance on the floor of the Blackpool Dance Festival has become every dancer’s "Blackpool dream."


In the previous years, Blackpool Dance Festival, with tens of thousands of fans, has never taken a step outside the town of Blackpool. It even rejected the request from United States, Japan, and other places to hold the festival in their countries. Eventually, Shanghai obtains this award starts from last year, which shows that the world's top ballroom dance (sports dance) brand recognizes Chinese ballroom dance business. It indicates the importance of ballroom dancing in China.

Blackpool Dance Festival will be launched in Baoshan in August


From classical elegance to the Internet trend,

Ali sports cooperates with Blackpool China.


Thanks to the partnership of Ali Sports, the second Blackpool Dance Festival China is expected to be a huge success just like last year. Blackpool Dance Festival is the top dance event without doubts. While Ali Sports is the leader of Internet and Sports. This partnership is a combination of classics and modern. Ali sports will use their own platform to make the Blackpool Dance Festival even more powerful. More people will be able to watch the competition online live with the help of Ali Sports. In the future, Ali sports will have a more in-depth cooperation with Blackpool to popularize and develop the ballroom dancing in China.


While Ali sports shows determination to devote itself in ballroom dancing, Blackpool Dance Festival British official also expresses its welcome and support. The representative from Blackpool UK gives a piece of original dance floor from Empress Ballroom to its partners in China as a reward on the news conference. Many of the well-known competitors have sweated on this dance floor for decades. It is the dream of generations of dancers to dance on this floor. This move shows the hope of rooting and cultivating Blackpool in Shanghai. More Chinese are welcomed to be involved in this festival to enjoy ballroom dancing.


Blackpool Dance Festival will be launched in Baoshan in August


Competitors can now register 2017 Blackpool Dance Festival (China) online via our official website:

Blackpool Dance Festival will be launched in Baoshan in August

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Blackpool Dance Festival will be launched in Baoshan in AugustOlympic of Ballroom Dance roots in China Blackpool Dance Festival (BDF), originating in Blackpool City, UK, has witnessed nearly a hu...
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