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2016 - 11 . 11

Press Release Blackpool Dance Festival China

日期: 2016-11-11
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The inaugural Blackpool Dance Festival China, was held in impressive surroundings at the Shanghai Indoor Stadium on the 19th – 23rd August 2016.


The Festival was a joint venture initiative between Blackpool Entertainment Company Limited (BECL), International Special Attractions (ISA) and it’s sister company, Shanghai Yi Sai Cultural Communication Co Ltd ( Yi Sai) and is part of an on-going relationship between the organisations.


ISA were the creators and investors behind Illuminasia which opened in April 2014 at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool. Based in Shanghai, ISA have worked with the team from Blackpool on the organisation, branding and management of the prestigious Blackpool Dance Festival (China).


The Blackpool Dance Festival, promoted and managed by BECL is held annually in the seaside resort and is widely recognised as one of the world’s most prestigious dance events attracting in excess of 20,000 competitors & spectators from 60+ countries.


The 5 day event was attended by over 15,000 spectators with an impressive 5,600 entries and 4,000 competitors from 25 countries across all competitions.


Speaking on behalf of ISA and Yi Sai, Mr Hai Ping Ge said “The Festival is the culmination of over two years work and planning and I am delighted that it was such a success. We have received fantastic support from many people in the Dance Business and I would like to thank them all for their help and advice. The number of entries has exceeded our expectations for the first year and I look forward to seeing the event expand even further next year.”


The Festival was operated under World Dance Council (WDC) and World Dance Council Amateur League (WDCAL) Rules and Regulations with Mr Donnie Burns (WDC) and Mr Sammy Stopford (WDCal) providing advice and support. Mr Stopford said “To see the Festival come to fruition was a great sense of satisfaction for all concerned. The dancing was of the highest standard and I am confident that numbers will grow year on year and that the Festival will be become one of the highlights in the Dancing World.”


Planning and promoting the Festival did prove to be a challenge for the Blackpool Team. Not only did they select two International Judging Panels, the live music was provided by Ashley Frolick and The Empress Orchestra who play at all the Blackpool events. Speaking on behalf of BECL Mr Michael Williams commented “It was always going to be a calculated risk trying to replicate elements of the Blackpool Dance Festival in China. However, thanks to everyone’s support we delivered a Festival to be proud of. Our special thanks go to Ali Sports who are ISA’s and Yi Sai’s strategic partners in promoting and organising the Festival. They provided great support to the team and their promotion and live broadcast over the 5 days of the Festival ensured that the Festival could be viewed around the World.”


Dates for the next Blackpool Dance Festival China are 17th – 22nd August 2017 and entries and ticket sales will open very soon.


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